Humans communicate love in a very different way to dogs – you may love giving your dog hugs and kisses but they probably don’t understand it or even enjoy it. So how can you tell dogs you love them in their language?
  1. Grooming – Petting your dog releases oxytocin making them really feel the love and grooming them creates a very special bond.
  2. Training – Positive reinforcement shows your dog you care and by including food, praise and play you are including all the things they love too.
  3. Lean on them – have you ever noticed your dog leaning on you? It’s their way of giving you a hug.
  4. Eye contact – By sharing soft loving eye contact you are showing your dog you care for them.
  5. Feed them by hand – Feeding your dog by hand is more intimate that letting them eat from a bowl. It teaches them to eat slower and not to be possessive of food but they will also learn to be more comfortable with you faster.
  6. Ear rubs – Dogs absolutely love ear rubs and studies show that dogs ears are full of nerve endings that release endorphins when rubbed. Have you ever noticed your dog drifting into a trance when you rub their ears?

Author: Woof

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