Thinking of becoming a dog owner?

Here’s how your life will change…

    • Strangers will almost definitely always know your dog’s name before they know yours.
    • Forget privacy, it’s overrated anyway! You will never eat alone, sleep alone or go to the toilet alone.
    • You will forever be checking your pockets before putting your washing on – they will almost certainly have poo bags and treats in every accessible pocket.
    • You’ll invest in a pet hair friendly vacuum cleaner and it still won’t pick all the hair up. Dog’s hair will get everywhere and you will just have to make your peace with it.
  • Don’t like walking? Then forget it! Owning a dog really cuts into your TV watching time and will severely impact your fitness levels. Not to mention how muddy your car will get… over time you will become less and less car proud.

If none of those have put you off, great! A dog can make you smile even after the worst day and they will be the most local friend you have ever had.

Author: Woof

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