Why do Dogs have tails?

Tails in the animal kingdom have different uses depending on the animal, monkeys use them to swing through trees
and horses use them to swat away flies.
We always think a dog is happy if they have a wagging tail but is that right? If a dog is wagging its tail, does that
automatically mean he is friendly and wants you to stroke him?
Originally a dog’s tail would have been used for balance and to transmit their marking scent but they also use their tails
to communicate, but what are they trying to say? Obviously nobody really knows for sure but there are some widely
accepted theories.

Did you know…..?

Puppies don’t start wagging their tails until they are about 6 weeks old? They then start practicing with their litter mates.
The left brain controls the right side of the body and the right brain controls the left side of the body. So positive feelings
pull a dog’s tail to the right and negative feelings pull it to the left (from the dogs perspective).
Dogs don’t wag their tails when they are alone, it’s only a behaviour they exhibit around others.
For swimming, dogs use their tails as rudders.
Even wolves wag their tails. A rigid tail wag means the wolf is excited and a fluid wag, like a snake, signals playing


The position of a dogs tail could also tell you more about your dogs mood:
The higher the tail, the happier or more dominant the dog is in the pack.
A horizontal tail indicates a content or curious dog.
A lowered tail, or a tail tucked between the dogs legs, could imply fear, insecurity or submission.


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