Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you're out?

If you are anything like us, you will hate leaving your dog at home alone but sometimes you have to. So how do you know that they aren’t howling after you and upsetting your neighbours, chewing something they shouldn’t or having a little party the second you walk out the door?

Nowadays we use our phones for much more than just speaking to people – there’s an app for everything! So we thought we would research the dog camera market and landed on the Furbo dog camera.

Honestly it was a bit more than we wanted to spend but from our experience, it’s the best investment we could have made!

The pet camera features an HD camera and live streams to the app on your phone so straight away we got instant peace of mind.

The Furbo is designed with a reservoir at the top where you can store treats. Once set up, not only can you monitor your pet via the app, you can also reward their good behaviour by dispensing treats.

When you tell the Furbo to give your dog a treat it will make a noise that your dog learns very quickly means there is food coming their way! Then it will shoot out a couple of treats into the room.

Our dogs caught onto this so quickly and now it’s one of their favourite games!

Just in case your dog needs some calming words whilst you are out, you can also speak to your dog through the camera too.

The set up is quick and easy! It’s plug and play – you’ll need to use the app to get it connected to your wi fi. The set up should take about 15 minutes, including the time it takes to fill your pet cam with your dogs favourite treats.

Once we had the camera set up we started to get notifications to our phones in real time if there was any noice in the house. This is so useful as it gives us a nudge to take a look at the app to see if everything is alright at home.

You can take photos from the app or even record video in high quality of your furry friends enjoying their treats.

A side bonus though of having this pet monitoring camera is that it doubles as a home security camera with an added feature of night vision. If anyone breaks into your house, you can record the footage recorded via the pet cam.

We don’t often write blogs promoting products but after trying this camera for just over a year now, we couldn’t imagine life without it and hope it may be useful for other pet owners out there!

You can find the Furbo pet camera here

Author: Woof

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