Wish you were here! Your Dog wishes he was too!

Dogs need a holiday just as much as we do.

You know the feeling when you arrive at your holiday destination, all stressed from work and ready to relax? Well spare a thought for your dog, they probably need a holiday just as much as you.

If your dog is anything like ours, they are at their happiest when they are around you or out on their favourite walk. Sadly most of the time they are cooped up indoors whilst we take care of they house, go to work and deal with the everyday busyness of life.

Some say you shouldn’t humanise dogs but that’s very difficult to do when they are part of your family and sometimes they do get overwhelmed or stressed and a holiday is a great way to relieve that stress. Add to that the statistic that over 60% of vets say obesity is the biggest health concern for UK pets, according to figures released by the British Veterinary Association – this means obesity is a bigger worry than cancer.

If you picture your ideal holiday, does it include the family? A nice cottage somewhere by the sea? Exploring the local area? Your dog’s ideal holiday probably looks a lot the same.  They get to spend more time with you and go for really exciting new walks with some great new smells.

So what do you need to think of when looking for a dog friendly holiday?

Is your dog ok with long car journeys? If not, try to find somewhere that isn’t too far away.

Make sure you are booking somewhere where your dog will be welcome. Some holidays are dog tolerant, not dog friendly so it’s worth checking the reviews from others who have stayed at ‘dog friendly’ accommodation first. Check out our dog friendly accommodation.

If you are planning a holiday by a beach, make sure you know if the beach is dog friendly all year round or is it just out of season. We have a list of dog friendly beaches, take a look to help you plan your trip.

Make sure your dog packs their things too – don’t forget their bed, their favourite toy and anything else that will keep them happy in the car and make the holiday home feel a bit more like home.


Author: Woof

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